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Segway Tour (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is pleased to welcome you to Thailand and its unique beautiful cities. Now you can discover Bangkok and beyond in the way that you’ve never seen before by gliding on Segway Personal Transporter (PT) - the world’s first electrical self-balancing personal transporter.

Having Segway PT in our country is perfect way of bringing together the marvelous culture of Thailand with the fascinating experience of travelling using one of the most impressive developments in transportation technology. With the Segway PT you can see twice as much in half the time. The Segway PT intuitively and automatically balances the way humans do - moving forward and backwards, responding to movements in your body's position. Gliding a Segway PT is as easy as walking and more fun as if you were sitting on the magic carpet.

Tours with everything you need to make your visit to Thailand an unforgettable experience: fun, culture, adventure and the glamour of a super star when everyone turns round to look at and smile to you!

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